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A licensed and widely used sports betting site in Bangladesh, 1win has over 1 million active users. 1win official site offers many useful features for online betting, such as a general sign-up bonus, a choice of sports bet types, a mobile app for Android and iOS, a desktop app for Windows, secure payment transactions, and other benefits. Find out more, read the review below and use all the features for a comfortable experience.

1win BD Registration

To make bets on your favorite teams and to make money from it, you first need to be registered on the platform. This procedure is fairly simple. To make it easier for you to go through the registration process, we have compiled detailed instructions on how to create an account on 1win:

  1. Tap on the “Register” link;
  2. Enter your email address, phone number, login, password and currency;
  3. Select the “Register” icon.

As you can see, the process is very simple and will not take you much time.

Most Popular Sports in Bangladesh

A large selection of sports is available to all registered users. These are the sports that attract the most players and offer the largest selection and betting opportunities. These include:

  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Rugby;
  • Cybersport.

Different Types of Sports Betting at 1win

Various types of sports betting can be found at 1win, enabling you to vary your bets and winnings. Following are the main types of sports betting you can find:

Single Bets

It’s the simplest and most common type of bet. This bet consists of betting on a single sporting event and choosing one type of result (e.g. team win, number of goals scored, winner of a set in tennis…). For example, you can bet that team A will beat team B or that your favorite soccer player will win more than 10 games against another. The amount of your winnings depends on the amount of your bet and the odds of your chosen outcome. Ratios indicate the probability of an outcome occurring and determine the potential benefit you can receive. The higher the odds, the less likely the outcome and the greater the payout.

Combination Bets

This is more challenging and riskier than a simple bet. This type of bet involves betting on several sporting events (at least two) and combining your predictions with each other. For a combination bet to win, you need all of your predictions to be correct. The sum of your winnings depends on the sum of your bet and the product of the odds of the selected outcomes. Odds product is the multiplication of the odds of each outcome. If you add more events to your combined bet, the higher the odds product will be and the higher the potential payout. Be warned though: the more events you include in your odds, the tougher it will be to make a win, as it is enough for one of your predictions to be wrong for your bet to lose.

System Bets

This type of betting is a combination of the two listed above. It has its significant advantages: it allows you to secure your bets in case of an error in one or more predictions. For placing a system bet, a minimum of three sporting events should be selected and the number of bets you want to combine between them should be determined. For instance, if you pick four sporting events and place a 2/4 system bet, you would be placing six combined bets on two events each. The number of correct predictions must be greater than or the same as the number of bets you combine together in order to win the system bet.

Statistical and Team Performance Evaluation

In order to properly use the provided types of bets, it is important to have a thorough understanding of some related factors that can directly affect the outcome of the predicted event. Before betting on sports, find out about the teams or players involved in the event. Take into consideration several factors such as:

  • Current form: The level of play displayed by the teams or players in recent matches. You can look at the results, score, goals scored or conceded, etc;
  • Match History: It is a recap of previous matches between teams or players. Here you can access to the history of wins, losses, draws, goal difference and much more;
  • Style of play: This is how teams or players approach a match. Consider tactics, formations, patterns of offense or defense, etc;
  • Motivation: The degree of desire and engagement of the teams or players in the match. You can evaluate what is at stake in the match, the psychological context, the atmosphere in the locker room and so on.

1win Live Betting

Real bets are placed during a sporting event. It enables you to bet on results that may vary over time, based on the score development, time remaining, players’ actions, etc. Live betting is very fast paced and exciting, it requires continuous reaction and customization. The bet odds of live betting also change depending on the situation in the game, which can offer interesting winning opportunities. At 1win you can bet live on all available sports with an intuitive interface and real-time statistics.

Distinctive Advantages of Betting at 1win

Considering that the platform offers a wide range of betting types, which speaks volumes about the quality of the services offered, that’s not all. There are some other advantages that the website has. Below, we have tried to list them so that you have an even clearer understanding of how comfortable the site will be for you:

  • Attractive odds. This is one of the fundamental criteria that users pay attention to first and foremost. At 1win you can take advantage of high and competitive odds on all sporting events;
  • Bonus section. One more advantage of 1win is that it offers generous bonuses and promotions to increase your balance and your chances of winning;
  • Security and reliability of the platform. The platform is licensed and regulated by the government of Curaçao, meaning it complies with the legal and ethical standards of the industry. Leverages encryption and data protection technologies to keep your personal and financial data safe and secure.

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